UIAA Mt.Sabalan, Youth Summer Camp Iran 2016

According to the report of secretary of international affairs of Iran federation and permission of ice climbing commission of international federation, coincidence with youth camp of UIAA in September which will be held in Sabalan Mountain, there would also be a joint educational ice climbing course with the presence of international instructors from Italy and Russia. 
Members of Iran youth national team and other youth climbers, along guests from Asian and European countries (especially Italy) will attend in this Camp.

Azim Gheichisaz summited Mount Everest without Bottled Oxygen

Azim Gheichisaz reached the summit of Mount Everest without Bottled Oxygen during end of May this season. With this summit he covered 13 peaks of 14 8tousand meter peaks, while only Lhotse remained to enter the list of 8tousanders. Other Iranian climbers were also successful to reach the top; Dr Alireza Behpour was one of them.

The UIAA Access Commission held joint annual meeting...

The UIAA Access Commission held joint annual meeting...

“The UIAA Access Commission held joint annual meeting with mountain protection commission in Baku, Azerbaijan on the weekend of 14-15 May.”
The UIAA Access and Mountain Protection Commission and UIAA Management Committee, with the presence of the president and vice president of access and MPC commissions among other members of UIAA held joint meetings in Baku, Azerbaijan....

Reza Alipour won Gold medal of sport discipline in Nanjing (CHN) 2016

Reza Alipour, our national speed athlete, was successful to set a 5:82 new speed record for Iran. The other record was also established by him before; He entered the Final with this record; defeated Hroza Libor and won Gold medal. Other athletes from Poland and Russia stood for third and fourth place.
Iran’s other participant Morteza Mohammadi got fifteenth place.
We are honored for this huge success of Reza Alipour and congratulate him and others in mountaineering and sport climbing community.

Second speed competition of the world cup circuits in Nanjing, China

Second part of World Cup circuits will be held in Nanjing, China on 8th of May for Speed discipline. In this event athletes from 13 countries will compete together. Reza Alipour, Hamidreza Tozandejani and Morteza Mohammadi will participate in this competition From Iran. We wish them success through this event.

National Youth Mountaineering Team of I. R. Iran will be sent to the expedition of Mount “Kazbek” In Georgia

National Youth Mountaineering Team will climb Mount Kazbek this May in Georgia.
Women members of the team named as list below: Fatemeh Naderi, Haniyeh Davoodi, Mehri Yaghmaei & Mina Ghorbani.
Men Members of the team named as list below: Soroush Paknezhad, Mehdi Ramezani, Morteza Nemati, Amin Shahbazi, Ehsan Bandehlo, Abdolrahman Qazaq, Amin Ashraf Ganjooei, Mostafa Javansarhadi, Pedram Ghasemi, Saeid Pourfarzin, Davood Chaghosaz, Aran Pirzahiri & Hesam Mohammadi.

Iranian Sport climbing athletes will be sent to World Cup in "China"

On April 30th- May 1st, Chongqing hosts the third Bouldering World Cup and first Speed World Cup of 2016. Six of Iranian Athletes will participate in this event; Reza Alipour, Morteza Mohammadi, Hamidreza Tozandejani in speed discipline; and Gholamali Baratzadeh, Amir Noori & Elnaz Rekabi in bouldering discipline will be our athletes to attend this World Cup. We wish all of them further success in their future endeavors.


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