Iranian rock climber collects silver medal in Asian Championship

Iranian rock climber Reza Alipour has put on an awe-inspiring performance at the 23rd Asian Championship in China, and finished as the vice-champion in the continental sporting event.

On Saturday, the Iranian sportsman participated in the men’s speed record category competitions at Climbing Park in the northeastern Chinese city of Ningbo, and clocked 6.79 seconds and landed in the second position of the chart.

A contestant from Indonesia registered 6.75 seconds to take the top honor, and collect the gold medal.

The 23rd Asian Championship started in Ningbo, China on November 20 and will wrap up on November 22, 2015. All three disciplines of speed, bouldering and lead are represented at the three-day tournament.

On October 18, Alipour won the gold medal in the 2015 International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup in China.

The Iranian rock climber claimed the world title following a stiff competition with his Russian opponent Stanislav Kokorin.

Bassa Mawem from France, Ukraine’s Danyil Boldyrev, Polish climber Marcin Dzienski, Russian athletes Aleksandr Shilov and Stanislav Kokorin, and Zhong Qixin from China claimed the third to eighth places.

The 2015 IFSC Climbing World Cup started in China’s eastern city of Wujiang on October 17, and was wrapped up on October 18.

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