About I. R. Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation 

I.R.Iran Mountaineering Federation established on 1947. IMSCF in one the oldest federations and sport associations in Iran. During these years we tried to expand the federation by train the whole of climbers in Iran to improve.

IMSCF was the premier federations in the world that joined the UIAA association as a full member.

On 2007 when the IFSC work individually as an independence association it renamed to “I.R.Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation”.

Now the president of I.R.Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing is Mr. Reza Zarei.

According to structure, Iran federations some committees work as bellow and all of them are controlled by secretary and vice president:

• Train Committee
  • Mountaineering Department
  • Rock Climbing (outdoor) Department
  • Ice & Snow courses Department
  • Research and Access Department
  • Big-Wall Climbing Department
  • Instructors Department
  • IT Data Category about Climbing (Expanding Virtual Learning about climbing) Department
  • P.R Department
  • ◦GPS Department
  • Mountain Guides Department

• Medical & Rescue Committee
  • Rescue Department
  • Red Crest Department
  • Training Course about first aids Department
  • Access and International Rescue Department
  • P.R Department

• Himalayan Climbs Committee
• Mountaineering Ski Department
• Associations and Delegates Affairs
• Mountain Lodges and Accessories
• Disciplinary
• Caving
• Mountain Protection
• Sport Climbing Department
  • Training Department
  • Sport Managing in Train
  • Women Department
  • Logistic
  • Diplomacy
  • P.R

• Competitions
• Access
• Youth
• Public Relation
  • International Affairs Department
  • Cultural Affairs